Unicorn Poop Emoji Luggage Tag


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Tags are important when there is a risk of misplacement or theft of your luggage is involved. This unique unicorn styled luggage tag ensures that your luggage remains safe, and you will find it easily. Each of these unicorn poop emoji luggage tags are made of excellent PVC material. The material is eco-friendly and sustainable. The one aspect that makes this luggage tag different is its unique rainbow unicorn poo emoji design that offers a stylish, attractive, and appealing look.

With its unique style and design, your luggage will be easily recognizable. You can write your details on the reverse and enjoy time without worries. The unicorn rainbow poop emoji luggage tag comes with an adjustable and durable strap. It is easy to attach too! So you can attach the tags with items of any size.

Give the unique rainbow unicorn poop poo emoji tag as a gift for loved ones who are passionate about travelling. Whether it’s mother’s day or any wedding or birthday, the tag will become a nice gift for travelers.


Luggage Tags

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