Smiling with Sunglasses Emoji Luggage Tag


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Who doesn’t nurture the fear of baggage being lost or misplaced while traveling? More so when there are so many identical pieces going around. Stay ahead and get those smiling w/ sunglasses emoji luggage tags to make your suitcases and bags easily identifiable.

These luggage tags are small, made of silicone gel with your details on one side and a great message on the other. These non-toxic and eco-friendly tags help keep a tab on your bags. With straps that can be adjusted, they fit any suitcase or bag of almost any size.

The smiley tags lighten your day and help you identify your luggage in the busiest of airports.

Truly, emojis have traveled the length and breadth of the internet and have now invaded our world in more ways than one- regardless of where we are or what we are doing.



Luggage Tags

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