Circle Emoji Luggage Tags (6-Pack)


6 pack of luggage tags with an emoji design in a circular shape

(15 customer reviews)

It can be possible to lose your luggage when you travel or just mistake it with someone else’s. What you will like about these Emoji Luggage Tags is that they do make you stand out. Once you add these emoji luggage labels, you can rest assured everyone will know this is your luggage for sure. That’s the main idea, but at the same time they also make you laugh and just have fun for a change. There will always be down times when you are bored and tired, with the Emoji Luggage Tags you can make things a bit happier and more exciting.

These Emoji Luggage Tags are very easy to attach, and they won’t crack or break with any bending. That alone makes it very impressive and just distinct at the same time. You will also like the fact that the tags will fit any suitcase, it works seamlessly and you will just be very impressed with the way it all works together and you will certainly push the experience to the next level every time. If you want to customize your luggage in a creative and unique manner, give these emoji styled luggage tags a try and you will enjoy it quite a bit.


Luggage Tags

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