Wink Emoji Golf Divot Tool and Ball Marker


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Golfers, are you tired of using your club head to mark your ball? Meet the Wink Emoji Divot Tool! It’s the perfect gift for any golf lover. Our divot tool is designed with a Winking Emoji marker on top of the face, which allows you to remove turf without damaging the green. Comes with a metal carabiner to hook onto your bag or belt loop. The Wink Emoji Divot Tool and Ball Marker is a beautifully designed divot tool that doubles as a ball marker. The durable tool has a colorful, high-quality fun appeal to the tool and ball marker that can be seen at a great distance. Improve your putting and drive accuracy with the Wink Emoji Golf Divot Tool and Ball Marker. Say goodbye to lost golf markers and divot tools by adding this uniquely designed to your golfing accessories.



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