Poop Emoji Water Bottle


Committed to safety – 100% BPA free

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Looking for an interesting and catchy water bottle idea? This cool Poop Emoji (from the movie) designed water bottle holds 25 ounces of water and is made of durable Tritan (TM). The surface is extremely durable and won’t crack that easily. Also, it is very clear and you can easily see the beverage inside. This Poop Emoji water bottle comes in a molded shape which makes it easy to hold and carry even during long hikes or walk. It has a wide and large mouth so that you can easily drop ice cubes in it when needed.

However, the bottom is narrow so it can easily fit in most car cup holders. It is important to stay hydrated when you go on long journeys or long walks. It is a common problem using bottles that their lids start leaking after a while or even by a small hit but this one is sealed with silicone that helps prevent leaking. It has a straw for easy sipping which can be detached easily whenever there is a need for cleansing. Do not ever microwave the bottle and you are good to The Emoji Poop bottle is worth the price especially if you or your close ones enjoyed the movie.


Reusable Bottles


Style 1 (16 oz), Style 2 (16 oz)

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