Poop Emoji Chlorine Tablet Dispenser


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If you are looking for something that can help you in keeping your pool or your spa free from bacteria, algae, and foul odors, we can suggest a funny-looking solution for that- this Poop Emoji Chlorine tablet dispenser! Yes, it looks funny and as a gag gift, but it actually does the work. The mechanism of this product is great because it releases the right amount of chlorine whenever you use it. You should know that it has a pretty big capacity because you can put up to 4 pcs Chlorine or Bromine Tablets. The mechanism on this poop emoji chlorine dispenser is very easy to use- you only need to rotate it to open it, insert the tablets inside, and then close it. And another good thing- you don’t need to worry that the product will be destroyed because it gets in touch with water. This won’t happen here because this tablet dispenser is made of quality ABS plastic and the color of the dispenser will stay the same for a long time. Make summertime swimming one with great laughs using this poop emoji chlorine dispenser.

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