Ping Pong Emoji Balls (6 Pack)


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Are you planning for a party? If you are, all you need is a bag of these emoji designed ping pong balls and a few easy-to-set-up silly little games for your guests. These emoji pong balls pack have a slightly bigger diameter and an even weight distribution, which makes them ideal for all kinds of party games like β€˜Junk in the Trunk’, β€˜Bouncer’ β€˜Ponginator’ etc. Even though they’re not professional-grade table-tennis balls, you can use them on your Ping Pong table too for a few quick duels as well for beer pong!

The package includes 6 Ping Pong balls with six different kinds of emoji expressions imprinted on them. Their strain-resistant surface is made using high-end celluloid plastic, which helps them retain their shape longer without developing any cracks or dents. They will definitely help you make your next party a blast. Besides, a party without games is nothing more than a dull meeting!


Party Games, Ping Pong

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