Fire Emoji Golfdotz Golf Ball Marker (32 Pack)


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Golf has mostly been viewed as a boring game for rich people. Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore proved that wrong but in this new generation, you can make golf more exciting and enjoyable with the Fire Emoji Golfdotz Golf Ball Marker (32 Pack). Bring on the heat to your opponents, show them you’re on fire or just make your ball stand out from the rest.

The Fire Emoji Golfdotz Golf Ball Marker (32 Pack) contains 32 stickers, quite enough or more for all your golf balls. If not, you could always get more of these affordable high-quality decals. These stickers are professional grade, USGA & R&A rule conforming so there’s no worry. These stickers will not affect the flight of your ball and have been use on PGA LPGA European Tour and many more. You can also put these on your clubs for more consistency.

Make your golf balls look cool, or hot, or awesome with one or two flame emoji decals each. Get inspired, gain more confidence because that’s what this emoji means. It means you’re on fire or maybe even make you look sexier. Someone with attitude, because golf is more exciting than it looks.



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