Emoji Inflatable Beach Balls, Set of 12


Size: 12″ inches

(19 customer reviews)

Looking for something that is going to make your beach or pool time more interesting? Or you would maybe like to surprise your kids with something that will help you to relax at the beach or the pool while they are playing? If that’s the case, then we suggest that you find a set of 12 different Inflatable Emoji Beach Balls. These Emoji Beach Balls are made of plastic and they all come in the same color- yellow, which is typical for emojis. But, the most interesting thing about this set of beach balls is that each of the balls represents a different emoji character. In this set, you will get the balls with the following emojis- smiling face, laughing emoji, emoji in love, emoji sending kiss, emoji with eyeglasses, winking emoji, confused emoji, and many more. Each of the emoji balls is 12’’ when inflated, and another important thing that you should know is that the balls are made of high- quality material and that they are non-toxic, giving that they have been tested. The price of this whole set is very affordable. So, hurry up and get your own set of these charming emoji balls.


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