Emoji Golf Balls, 12 Count


Great novelty gift set of 12 emoji golf balls

(19 customer reviews)

Although a round of golf can be relaxing it is all too often a time of serious competition, not one to always be thought of as fun, unless of course you add a fun aspect to it. This set of 12 golf balls, each of which have a different and amusing Emoji on them will certainly do that. The set of emoji golf balls come with their own uniquely colored tees to keep the situation practical as well as humorous. Ever since the now world famous β€œsmile” Emojis have grown in popularity but perhaps only now have been brought to the somewhat serious and traditional world of golf. Times are changing though and the manufacturers of these golf balls with emoji designs are playing their part in advancing those times in as humorous way as possible, affording changes with smiles.



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