Emoji Bowling Bag


officially licensed Emoji Bowling Bag from KR Strikeforce

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You shine in the bowling alley with your remarkable skills and perfect scores. It makes sense that you should make an entrance every time you head toward your favorite lane by carrying with you the fun and eye-catching Emoji Bowling Bag. This bowling bag is characterized by its black and yellow design with vibrant yellow emojis printed all across it. Emojis range across a spectrum of the more popular varieties such as the laughing face, heart eyes, eye rolling face, Pinocchio and hug emojis, and more, all of which are easily recognizable to anyone who sets eyes on them.

Matching vibrant yellow piping and a sunny yellow carrying handle bring the color from top to bottom. You can also carry the emoji designed bowling bag using the comfortable and adjustable shoulder strap. Inside of the 600D premium fabric bag is plenty of room to store shoes as large as size 11 and an average size bowling ball. Overall, the bag measures 11.5 inches in width by 12 inches in depth by 12 inches in height.



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