Emoji Dog Leash 6′


One size fit most pets: about 17.7”*17.1”*23.6”

Nothing sounds better than going out on a long walk with your pup and spend quality time. It is possible only when you put the dog leash on. Dog-owners know the importance of putting the dog on a well-designed and good-quality weatherproof leash. You have used emojis in your text messages many times, but how about buying an Emoji dog leash to identify your dog at a glance?

This adorable dog item is 6 feet long and 1” wide. The beautifully printed emojis and three different sizes, make this leash the best of the rest. You can get the matching collars as well. Let’s see some other key features of this product. The emoji styled dog leash is made from high-density polyester with a quick-release steel hook. The polyester gives strength and more abrasion resistance from your dog being able to rip it. The potent components and durable printing make it resistant to water and mold. You can use it for a long time without fear of damage. If you intend to buy a fashion-looking leash, try this captivating Emoji dog leash that is fade-resistant and comfortable to use.

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