Poop Emoji Tiara (8ct)


(29 customer reviews)

For a novelty item like Poop Emoji Tiara, it is the best choice for a super fun, social-media inspired theme birthday party. It can be a perfect pick for a pattern of tableware, party decorations, and party games. Even if you are planning a family gathering, an intimate dinner, or a celebration blast like “mom to be” or “bride to be” shower, you can always rely on this quality and attention to detail on these poop emoji styled tiaras. They can be used as decoration and party favors for every holiday season or parties yet to come at an affordable price. Each package contains eight poop emoji tiaras. Let’s make every coming celebration worthy of your friends and family’s visit and let them have fun with these cool and pretty poop emoji tiaras that they can put on for as long as they want.


Party Theme

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