Heart Eyes Emoji Costume Face Mask


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For those not familiar with emojis, the cute and lovable heart eyes emoji aka smiling face with heart shaped eyes, suggests being love struck with something or another person, or simply totally liking something. Now, wear the heart eyes mask for Halloween to express your love for the occasion, or wear it at parties to express your love, or overly liking the celebrant.

The Heart Eyes Emoji Mask from looks simple enough to go with any costume or attire. It’s orange or pumpkin shades make it perfect for Halloween but not obvious enough for other occasions, as the color is still quite close to the actual emoji color.

The product itself is 8.5 inches long and 8.5 inches in width, and of course features a yellow smiley face with two heart-shaped eyes. The eyes and smile are indented, giving the convex mask a look of depth. At the center of the heart-shaped eyes are two small circular holes for visibility. The mask is held in place using a white elastic band.

So go for a casual Halloween and spend less on costumes or spice up your party with several pieces of this adorable and adorable Heart Eyes Emoji Mask.


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