Emoji Straws (24 Pack)


24 pack of straws

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Everyone knows that plastic straws are dangerous, but some people still use them in their everyday lives. Many people are aware of the damage the single-use straws are causing to the environment. The single-use straws are also banned in some countries, and reusable straws’ growth is continuously increasing. These emoji designed straws are very cute and are reusable.

The emoji designed straws are available in different bright and deep colors. Different colors are useful to distinguish between drinks. Everyone, including kids, adults, and seniors, can love these straws as they have emotional emoji at the top. There is a pack of 24 emoji drinking straws, and each reusable straw is about 10.5 inches tall. You can adjust the emoji at the top of the straw by simply moving it up or down. Each plastic straw is reusable without the need of any tool. Since six different emoji are available in the pack, you can adjust any emoji to a particular color.

These emoji plastic straws will be the ideal photo companion while taking photos with your friends for different purposes. You can use these beautiful emoji designed straws at parties and social gatherings. Different emoji and colors can suit different party themes. Make your parties more entertaining using these emoji straws.


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