Emoji Spring Poppers (24 Pack)


(29 customer reviews)

The emoji spring poppers are one of the most exciting toys that anyone can play with. The poppers come in a pack of 24 where you get 2 poppers of each emoji.

The more you press the spring the higher it pops. You can even control its direction by pressing it in the direction you want it to pop. Kids enjoy these emoji designed spring poppers a lot and play with them for hours. These poppers are perfect for adding to your party favors or goody bags. You can even gift it on birthdays, Christmas, and other events and the kids will love it.

The material of the emoji fun poppers is non-toxic and durable. The emoji designed spring is also of very good quality and pops perfectly each time. The size of the popper is very compact and hence you can take it anywhere with you and enjoy it with your friends and family.


Party Favors

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