Emoji Slinkies (12 Count)


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With these colorful emoji slinkies, everyone will enjoy the moment and hover it to get rid of the stress and tension of the day a little bit.

These little joyful toys have been one of the most favored things among generations. And even though it gives a nostalgia vibe, these new emoji slinkies are still loved by young children. Amazingly simple! Just hover it and it will go downwards and stretch, so to say, it will be like moving and dancing in the air. You can play with your kids and race it to reach forward and it’s pretty suitable for team contests and group activities in classrooms. These emoji slinkies will definitely become a pleasant gift or surprise for a loved one.

Besides its usage as a toy, you can utilize emoji slinkies in a birthday party or baby shower for decoration. Try to stretch through a chair or hang it on a wall or door. Emoji slinkies can create a fun and joyful ambiance.

It is made of non-toxic material and durable. Safe for the usage of kids, however, keep an eye on infants under the age of 3. The package contains 3-inch size 12 slinkies with emojis on yellow color. Emojis are the happy face, smile with black sunglasses, blowing a kiss,


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