Emoji Slap Bracelets (30 Pack)


30 pack of slap bands

(29 customer reviews)

Bring your phone emojis into the physical world and bring out the fun in your parties with these Silicone Emoji Slap Bracelets (30 pack). Kids and even adults can appreciate these sure fire party enhancers. For a very affordable price, you’ll be getting thirty (30) pieces of quality slap-on silicone bracelets. Each pack contains a good assortment of emoji designs which should appeal to any age or sex. What better way to enhance a party than to give these emoji designed trendy bracelets as fun prizes, or stuff them along with other party favors or inside piΓ±atas.

Aside from parties, these Silicone Emoji Slap Bracelets (30 pack) will make good prizes or rewards for young students in face to face classes or as mail-away during distance learning. Plus, the smooth, silicone material makes for better comfort than previous generation slap-on bracelets with sharp edges. Emojis put a positive spin to any occasion and are more trendy than other designs. Enjoy life, be positive, spread the word and slap these onto your friends and family.


Party Favors

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