Emoji Silicone Bracelets (48 Pack)


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Embrace your inner emoji! Feeling happy? Emoji on your wrist. Feeling sad? Emoji on your wrist. Feeling cool? Emoji on your wrist. Wanna play? Emoji on your wrist. These are Emoji Silicone Bracelets with patterns of different types of emojis, which is an excellent way to express your feelings. Not only are these great for yourself, but there are enough to gift for your friends or family, pass out as party favors, and even to random people walking around town. Made from 100% quality silicone, these bracelets are safe for kids and adults to wear. These Emoji Silicone Bracelets are perfect to be that constant reminder to smile and enjoy life. These emoji bracelets come in four different colors and in a 75 pack that makes it great for the big get-togethers with close ones. These colorful bracelets are a great way to send your feelings via a pattern. Make a pattern for a happy day, a day of love, or even a sad one. Have the best memories with these silicone bracelets.


Bracelets, Party Favors

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