Emoji Drink Markers (12 Pack)


12 pack of emoji markers

(29 customer reviews)

Emoji Drink Markers (12 Pack) work perfectly with any smooth surface. It goes with hot or cold water. Any one can make use of Emoji Drink Markers (12 Pack) both with wine glasses, soda cans, beer bottles, mugs, plates and for kids drinks.

The working structure of Emoji Drink Markers (12 Pack) could be used in various parties, unveiling a conversation with friends and unique ceremonies. Emoji Drink Markers (12 Pack) creates secrete and powerful incentives to any party, it help guest to create aura of influence and getting together for mood representation.

Not only that Emoji Drink Markers (12 Pack) bring friends and well wishers closer for more aura of influence, but it brings more quality attributes to the daily life. Emoji Drink Markers (12 Pack) serves as a quality gift for teens and tween, Christmas, birthday ceremony, valentines, and many occasions that is mainly for excitement and recreational purposes. Each marker comes with grape theme with a veritable and unique color. The suction cups are specially designed with safe silicone food and will have to stay longer when attached to any type of glass.

Emoji Drink Markers (12 Pack) serves for different purposes. It can be used in kitchen, mirrors, lockers, and refrigerators. Give it a trial today you will never stop making use of Emoji Drink Markers (12 Pack). It is a renowned and quality exceptional Marker for red cups and wine glass.


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