Emoji Bubble Necklaces (12 Pack)


12 Pack of emoji bubble necklaces

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Emoji Bubble Necklace is designed for making soap bubbles by blowing air through the soap. This is one of the high-quality products for your parties. A single package includes 12 bubble necklaces of yellow color with different fun emojis and a bubble solution.

Each necklace features a smiley emoji that supports an imposing conversation and depicts a specific message. These emoji bubble necklaces will be the perfect gift for kids, friends, and family. You can take the fun of your party to the next level by using these necklaces.

Kids usually enjoy wearing these necklaces. Besides kids, adults will also love the soapy water bubbles. It stores the bubble solution inside the no-leak bottles. These durable bottles are made of plastic material and are tight enough not to let the soapy water leak. This high-quality construction makes these necklaces stand out from other cheap bubble necklaces.


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