Assorted Emoji Keychain Bundle Pack (24 Pack)


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Bringing you a blockbuster 24 pack of all different emoji faces. These super cute, fluffy, and positive emoji faces are one the best party favors. Either to add colors to your birthday party, an addition to your bag accessories, a Valentine party favor, birthday stockings, and what not? These emoji keychains can serve as cute gifts for any party or to the kids in your class. What could be the best reward other than a happy-faced emoji? The fun part is each of the keychains with emojis faces can be used in multiple ways: added to your car keychain, apartment/housing keys, easy keychain as they have a back clip too hence easy to hang anywhere. These are high-quality emojis made of soft and durable material. These are cute and adorable not only for kids but your love partners too to remind them of your love. Hence a great way to express yourself for any event, any moment.


Party Favors

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