Wink Emoji Service Bell


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The beautiful yellow wink Emoji desk bell is a fun one to have instantly just looking at it. It provides both aesthetic and practical benefits to any desk on which it is placed. The wink emoji service bell is made of good quality stainless steel. The material and its quality make it a durable and long-lasting call bell. It also ensures rust resistance and delivers a clean, crisp sound of the bell.

The base resists scratches so that the wink emoji styled bell will look new for long. The sound of the bell is sharp, loud, and pleasant. It will get anyone’s attention without annoying guests or other people in the surrounding. The yellow color of the wink Emoji face adds a nice, friendly and fun touch to the bell and makes it attractive.

It will lift anyone spirit and make them happy. Coming to a place and seeing this cute wink emoji designed bell will add positivity to your day. The Emoji bell can be used in many different fields. It is a good choice in hotel reception desk, school desk and you can also use them in children competitions and games.



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