Tears of Joy Emoji Coffee Cup Sleeves (50 ct)


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There’s nothing like coffee to brighten up someone’s morning, afternoon or even evening. So, setting up a coffee shop is big business. But if coffee alone is not enough to brighten up the day of your customers, consider using these Tears of Joy Emoji Coffee Cup Sleeves (50 ct) box and serve a little smile with that caffeine.

There’s probably no emoji more apt when it comes to selling coffee. The tears of joy emoji represent joy or happiness in a cup. Plus, the Tears of Joy Emoji Coffee Cup Sleeves (50 ct) not only makes your servings stand out, it also protects the customers’ hands from the excess heat of newly-served coffee and prevents the cups from slipping.

Each inexpensive pack is composed of fifty individual sleeves. Not bad if you want to serve up some additional joy and protection to your customers. The Tears of Joy Emoji Coffee Cup Sleeves comes in two colors, White and Kraft, if you want to distinguish your products for example, black or creamy. Also ideal for multiple cup sizes.



8 reviews for Tears of Joy Emoji Coffee Cup Sleeves (50 ct)

  1. Marsha Moreno

    Good quality and value

  2. Rachel Bailey

    A wonderful moment and a perfect item for the ultimate emoji fanatic

  3. Anna Hughes

    Bought for my brother, he loves it!

  4. Elvira Frazier

    they’re pretty good emoji designs to choose from

  5. Kesha Reilly

    If I need more emojis. Definitely will order again Lol.

  6. Craig Herrera

    Very nice quality for the price!

  7. Carmel Mcreynolds

    Very good quality for incredibly low price.

  8. Chris Thompson

    My daughter was thrilled to get these as part of her birthday collection

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