Smiley Emoji Binder Clips (40 Pack)


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We get it, you’ve got a lot of paperwork to deal with, you’re tired, and you just want to play on your phone for a while. Or maybe have a chat with a friend, instead of having to rearrange your school papers yet again. But hey, with these brand new emoji binder clips, things don’t need to be quite so bad.

These little colorful cuties are an instant reason to cheer up and are practically guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Hey, if you have to do it, better to do it with a smile than a frown, right? Even better, these emoji styled binder clips will make you stand out from the crowd and add a little color into your life… and your files.

The emoji binder clips will make studying for your next test a fun experience (well, almost!). They will help you forget your troubles and worries and prepare for your mid-terms or hey, even put together that presentation that your boss has been getting on your case about. The truth is, these binder clips are a fast favorite with pretty much any age, because who doesn’t love a funky, cheery emoji, right?


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