Smile Emoji Lanyard


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Usually at company buildings keeping your ID card visible is pretty customary. That does not mean it has to be the customary company logo or a general solid colored lanyard. This smile emoji printed lanyard is a fun comical accessory for securely holding your ID cards and keys.

This black lanyard features beautiful small smile emoticons to make you and your close ones smile. This emoji lanyard is a comfortable option to wear around your neck with its soft and silky fabric. An ultra-durable keyring and clip are provided for attaching keys or other lightweight items. The hook of this smile emoji lanyard is detachable, making it easy to use the attached item without taking off the lanyard.

Smile emoji lanyard is a budget-friendly option, and no other lanyard can match its comfort and quality at this price. The smile designed lanyard will be the ideal solution for those who work in government organizations, educational institutes, hospitals, and more.


ID Holders & Lanyards

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