Rainbow Poop Emoji Magnet – 6″ inches


(14 customer reviews)

Get your laughter magnetized with our best-selling Rainbow Poop emoji magnet. These are fun novelty emoji magnets with jokes you can share with your friends and family for great laughs. But they’re also a great way to get the giggles at your workplace and/or school. Whatever the occasion, give everybody a good laugh by putting up this Rainbow Poop Emoji Magnet. It’s a hilarious and great looking way to stick your notes and papers organized on the fridge, locker, and more. These Rainbow Poop Emoji Magnets are even great for places like your car or truck. This poop emoji magnet is much more than just a piece of art- it’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves to laugh and smile. You’ll never be embarrassed to use this in conversation, and will always be able to find your way out of any shitty situation (no pun intended) with your head held high.



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