Poop Emoji Sticker Decal – 5″ Inches


4.5″ inch red die

(14 customer reviews)

Want to tell your little brother how much he stinks? Or maybe that the soup your boyfriend made is absolutely horrible and it’s okay in a funny way? Show your feeling with a poop emoji sticker. This sticker is a great gift for anyone and goes well with any surface. These stickers are perfect for sticking on your laptop, car windows, or anywhere else to let people know you’re just kidding. Stick ’em on your coffee mug to turn your morning cup of joe into the best time of the day. The possibilities are endless with these hilarious poop stickers. If you’re looking for a thoughtful laugh for your friend, coworker, or family member, this Poop Emoji Sticker is surely to be the perfect choice.



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