Poop Emoji Pencil Sharpener


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Well, first of all, you should never worry about keeping a Poop Emoji Sharpener in your school bag or office bag because it is not smelly like real poop. Rather it gives you a funnier and cute look whenever you put in your pencil and sharp it for sometimes. These cute Poop Emoji Sharpeners complete your emoji school or emoji office stationery collection.

Have you ever seen a Poop Emoji sharpener in your friend’s or class mate’s pencil box? Or have you seen your colleague using Poop Emoji sharpener? I bet there are minimum or no chances of it and that’s what makes Poop Emoji Sharpener more unique. It is a totally innovative product that has been beautifully designed to meet the exact needs of sharpening pencils in an excellent way. It contains fine pencil sharpening blade that nicely sharpens your led pencil or color pencils. These beautiful Poop Emoji Sharpeners are available in four different colors. These colors are Brown, Purple, Sky-blue and Strawberry Pink.

Your pencil box or stationery box becomes more usable when you have one of the finest pencil sharpeners. Without a sharpener, you will find it nearly impossible to sharpen the pencil. Poop Emoji Sharpener proves its worth when you want to sharpen your pencil for especial writings and drawings. Unlike ordinary sharpeners, Poop Emoji Sharpener brilliantly sharps pencil and make its tip smoother. It is perfectly small in size and is designed such that it may easily fit into your stationery box without taking extra room.


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