Poop Emoji Magnet – 6″ inches


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With this magnet, you’ll never forget that poop is a universal symbol for laughter and joy. The emoji depicts a well-known expression of relief and happiness. This poop emoji pattern magnet is the perfect gift for the friend in your life who just loves everything poop emoji. This poop emoji pattern magnet is the perfect little token to remind you, and whoever sees it, to take pride in everything you do. Whether you want to have it your home office, school classrooms, or car more fun, this Poop Emoji pattern magnet is a great addition pretty much in any setting. Add it to your fridge tp more appealing and funny whenever you’re scavenging for more snacks, too! Stick it on any metal surface to show your love for this iconic symbol. Keep it fun with this poo emjoi pattern magnet!



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