Heart Eyes Emoji Magnet – 5″ inches


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The car we drive reflects our status. After purchasing their vehicles, most people modify them to improve their appearance. Many things come in handy for beautifying your car or truck, but an emoji magnet with heart eyes stands out.

With its round shape and vibrant colors, the heart eyes emoji magnet is no doubt an eye-catcher. UV ink is used to print this 5″ inch heart eyes emoji magnet. Having non-fading ink makes this heart eyes emoji magnet a highly durable item.

You can adhere this heart eyes magnet not only to your car or truck, but anywhere you would like add a magnet. By doing this, you can express your mood in a meaningful way and make people around you happy. You may also use this fun magnet on your appliances, such as your fridge, at school on your locker, and more. Keep in mind that it will not adhere to non-metal surfaces.

Attach this heart eyes emoji magnet to your metal surface and know it’s durable to stay on for the long periods.



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