Heart Eyes Emoji Lanyard


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If you are interested in purchasing a good looking lanyard to use as a keychain or hold anything, you can take a look at the Heart Eyes Emoji Lanyard. The strap comes with a beautiful design of heart eye shaped emojis. This is a highly versatile lanyard. You will be able to attach it to ID badges, keys, USB flash drives, or anything else that you can think of. It is even possible for you to attach the lanyard to your backpack.

Once you attach something to the Heart Eyes Emoji printed lanyard, you can keep the peace of mind as it will keep all important keys and badges together. That is because the lanyard is coming along with a quality metal clasp. It can effectively keep everything safe. You will also be able to attach and detach items from the metal clasp at any given time you want.

The Heart Eyes Emoji Lanyard comes with a lightweight design and using it will never be challenging. You can even wrap it around your neck, as it will not cause any irritation. The lanyard is made with highest quality polyester, and the fun emoji design will not fade away along with time.


ID Holders & Lanyards

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