Fire Emoji Magnet – 2.6″ x 3.5″


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You can tell a lot about your personality by the car you drive. Your car is also a reflection of your social class. Most people decorate their cars to make them look better. There are many ways to add flare to your car, and one of them is to place a fire emoji magnet on it.

Fire flame emoji magnet is made of flexible magnetic material that you can attach to your car bumper. Magnets stick firmly to your car without damaging its paint. Sometimes we have to also deal with minor scratches on our cars. The fire emoji magnet is perfect for hiding these scratches.

This flame emoticon designed magnet is not only suitable for outdoor use but can also be used on your refrigerator, in the office, and even in the school environment. Once the emoji magnet sticks to the object, it stays there for a long time. Attach this fire flame emoji magnet to your vehicle to show the fire you have in yourself.



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