Fire Emoji Coffee Cup Sleeves (50 ct)


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If you want to personalize the coffee cups that you hold every day, you may take a look at the Fire Emoji Coffee Cup Sleeves. These sleeves are designed to match perfectly well with the coffee cups. Hence, it is possible to get them around the coffee cups and get hold of a perfect grip. Along with that, any person can get the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee comfortably. This is perfect for those that have a hospitality, restaurant, or coffeeshop that want to personalize the way they hand out coffee.

This coffee cup sleeve comes along with the design of a fire emoji. This can enhance the looks of a coffee cup and provide it with a playful vibe. In fact, you will get the opportunity to enjoy your cup of coffee in style with the help of these coffee sleeves. All the coffee sleeves are made out of paper, and they are disposable. However, they still come along with excellent heat resistant properties to keep the hands away from getting burned.



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