Emoji Smiley Face Sticker Roll (500 Pack)


2 inch diameter smiley sticker

(7 customer reviews)

Opaque finished stickers are made of a material that is much thicker than glossy or paper labels. Therefore, if you want your stickerΒ to be of superior quality and long-lasting quality, this would be the best decision. Besides, the risk of leaving residues when stripped from the surface is significantly smaller than most stickers. It is also commonly used, including in technological devices as well as valuable personal belongings. It has no risk of tearing by hand and isΒ waterproof.

β€’ Permanent stickers with a 2.0-inch circle-shaped design
β€’ 500 per roll of paper
β€’ Offers aΒ self-adhesive surface and can be applied easily without the need for any glue or adhesives
β€’ You can stick it on gift boxes easily.Β 
β€’ Easy to write on it.
β€’ It has got vibrant and colorful color printing.

Car, Bike, Laptop, White Goods, or non-slippery smooth surfaces, you can extract the sticker anytime you want without scratching the attached surface. Do not forget that you can send us a message with your questions and feedback.



7 reviews for Emoji Smiley Face Sticker Roll (500 Pack)

  1. Kathleen Craig

    They were popular and well liked. They are durable and affordable!

  2. Sarah King

    Sooooo funny. My granddaughter is a big fan of the Poop emoji and all these other ones too

  3. Ralph Smith

    Good quality, popular theme.

  4. Tina Morgan

    I was genuinely surprised at how nice the emojis turned out.

  5. Janet Peterson

    Everything was as advertised… the customer service is one of the best I’ve ever encountered!

  6. Norma Coleman

    Silly, fun gift for kids.

  7. Kenneth Johnson

    Wow I really like this emoji product

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