Smiley Emoji Bookmarks (60 Pack)


60 pack

(14 customer reviews)

Any person who loves to read books will have a collection of bookmarks. If you wish to have some vibrant looking bookmarks in your collection, you may take a look at Emoji Smiley Bookmarks. These are perfect bookmarks available for anyone to take the book reading experience to the next level.

One of the best things you will notice about these bookmarks is that they come along with the design of smileys. You can find all the popular smileys represented in these bookmarks. Hence, you can have a great time while you are spending your time along with the bookmarks. You will not just be able to use them while you are reading books. It is even possible to use the bookmarks for many other applications, such as for wall decorations.

All the bookmarks that you can get along with this collection are made out of premium quality cards. Each bookmark has dimensions of 7” x 2”. These are durable bookmarks as they come along with a water resistant coating. This will be a perfect gift idea for anyone who loves to read as well.



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