Emoji Paper Clips (10 Pack)


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The typical paperclip design that we know and love has been around for years and doesn’t offer many chances to express ourselves. That’s where Emoji Paperclips step in! Your office no longer needs to be so boring with these colorful paperclips that can be customized with different emoji designs. It’s like a regular paperclip, but it’s round and has cute, colorful emojis instead! These paperclips are perfect for keeping your papers together. You can use them at work, home, school, or anywhere you want to keep your papers together. Whether you’re looking for a cheery emoji or a more serious face to complete your presentation, our paperclips make sure you always have the right expressions. Emoji all of your paperclips with these smiley, sad, and angry emoji paperclips. Our paperclips are made from durable metal to ensure that they will last for years to come. Add your emoticon expressions to your deliverables!


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