Emoji Conversation Cubes (4 Pack)


Question cubes contain interesting prompts that get kids talking about their feelings

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These emoji conversation cubes are one of the best learning resources for kids. Any toddler above age 3 can use these emoji cubes to relate the words to feelings. The single package includes four cubes with 12 different emojis and 12 prompts or questions. There are different famous emojis from popular communication apps. Each face emoji relates to a specific feeling of sadness, anger, or happiness.

These easy to clean soft foam emoji cubes help children in social learning. Kids can roll the emoji cubes and connect them with different feelings behind that icon. Similarly, rolling the question cubes permit children to answer with an emoji. Using these conversation cubes, kids can build their communication skills and vocabulary as well. These cubes allow children to think completely differently and express their feelings in a much better way.



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