Eggplant Emoji Lanyard


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Perhaps the cheekiest of all of the emojis, the eggplant emoji is famous for its flirty implications and colorful nature. If you find yourself using this emoji more than all of the others, you can now turn it into decoration for your lanyards and get a laugh out of those you pass with the Eggplant Emoji Lanyard. This unique lanyard takes all of the humor and rich purple hue of the emoji and uses it as a pattern along the entire length of the material, present on both sides. The neck strap is fashioned out of premium polyester material that is durable enough to outlast your days without ever ripping or tearing. Whether you are wearing it to scan your employee badge at work, carry your house and car keys around on it or wear it to display your badge at a convention, its lightweight nature makes it non-irritating. The strong metal clip securely grips onto whatever is attached and does not let go.


ID Holders & Lanyards

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