100 Emoji Sticker Decal – 4.5″ Inches


4.5″ inch red die

(14 customer reviews)

100 Emoji sticker decal is a transfer sticker made from high-quality vinyl or polyester. The USA-made decals are pre-masked and delivered with a transfer tape for easy installation. They are suitable for outdoor and indoor decorations. Whether you’re excited, feeling courageous, or moody, say it with one of the 100 emojis in this 4.5 inches decal.

The PVC-vinyl material is characterized by strong elastic properties. Such features make this decal more durable and useful. It can last for about 6years when used outdoors.
In most cases, the emoji sticker is one colored and applied on smooth surfaces. You don’t need to apply any tricky method to install this 100 Emoji decal sticker.

All you need to do is to :
β€’ clean the surfaces you want to apply the sticker
β€’ peel the transfer tape out
β€’ apply the sticker on the desired surface and smoothen it to your taste.

You can conveniently transfer it from one surface to another surface. The sticker offers the flexibility of re-installing it on your desire surface.



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