Tears of Joy Emoji Ceramic Mug


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This Tears of Joy emoji ceramic mug is a great mug to have around or gift because it can relate to most people’s personality. This ceramic stoneware mug has its charm when you’re drinking your favorite drink in it because of the bright yellow and the big emotion of tears of joy. This is going to be the cutest thing on your desk that will make you laugh every time you see it. It might remind you of special moments that you or your closed ones used when sending the Tears of Joy emoticon. The emoji will cheer you up if you are sad or in bad mood, but even if not down, it is a great reminder to keep smiling and laughing.

The tears of joy mug holds 12 oz. and measures 4’*4”. This is the best idea that comes to your mind when thinking of your best friend or family member. The cup may hold a lot more memories in itself and it is not just a cup but an emotion that associates you with those happy times of being together.



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