Smiley Emoji Spatulas (2 Pack)


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These little spatulas come in handy for all kinds of things! How do you not get a smile?! Why not just is a bit spicing up your kitchen? The creative design is suitable for hanging them on walls and utilize as decorative pieces. It is printed on both sides with smiley emoji and it is quite a long-lasting kitchen utensil against fading.

These cheerful spatulas are ideal for blending, spreading, and scooping, since the non-stick, silicone tip removes effortlessly from the pastry and dough. You can apply the frosting precisely for decoration as well as to have the last piece of butter left in the jar. The soft-touch silicone would not damage the cast iron or nonstick pans.

They make a really happy gift, too! You can make your mother or grandmother, even partner smile with this fun gift especially for the ones who love cooking and baking!

Material: Silicone head is BPA-free and safe for washing in the dishwasher, and also you can use this utensil while cooking with a piece of mind. We suggest you hand wash the wooden handle. Silicone can resist up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.


Kitchen Utensils

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