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One of the most popular emoticons out there and we kid you not, would have to be the poop emoji. The trend of expressing one’s self with emojis is not only popular on Whatsapp and Snapchat, but has made its way to kitchens as well. The latest trending and fascinating baking tool is none other than the poop emoji cookie cutter.

What is the poop emoji cookie cutter all about?
If you’re looking for ways of going out of the box at this year’s bake sale or whether you want your kids to be in touch with the latest trend in social media emoticons, this poop emoji cookie cutter is just for you. The greatest thing about it is that you can use it either to make cut-out cookies or even with your kids usingΒ Play-Doh. The choice is totally up to you.

Why should you buy it?
Not only is this cookie cutter with a poop emoji design is hilarious, it’s super cute. The material used for its construction is food safe and stable, being made of durable plastic. The edges are tapered for easy dough cutting and the cookie cutter possesses firm indentations that allow cookies to be baked and iced to absolute perfection.

If you find the poop emoji to be a good laugh then this cookie cutter is just the thing for you. Cost-effective, durable and so much fun, this baking tool is what you need in your baking cabinet.



8 reviews for Poop Emoji Cookie Cutter

  1. Cecila Tatum

    I purchased it as an end of year gift for my child and they were a hit!

  2. Connie Powers

    These emojis were a hit with the kids

  3. Kyle Casey

    They went great with her emoji room.

  4. Michelle Howard

    Will definitely reorder

  5. Arthur Jones

    Big hit with the kids!

  6. Katherine Sanders

    This emoji gift has definitely been one of the best purchases I’ve made

  7. Diane Hughes

    Kids loved these, bought a second round.

  8. Joshua Gonzales

    Packaged well, shipped fast, delivered exactly where I requested. 100% satisfied.

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