Poop Emoji Baking Mold (2 Pack)


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Bring a smile or chuckle to a friend with these cute and funny Poop Emoji Candy Molds! This silicone plastic poop emoji shaped mold is perfect for creating chocolates and candies to be gobbled up by kids. You can even make choco and coffee jelly, cake and cupcake fondants, and ice cubes with this poop-shaped candy mold. You may want to wow your friends with this poop-shaped treat for party favors or baby showers.

If you’re a crafter or artisan, you’ll be delighted to hear that this is a high-grade, heat resistant silicone material with a working temperature of -40Β°C to -250Β°C. This means you can safely use this poop emoji mold for wax, polymer, soap, and cold porcelain craft arts!

Remember to keep knives and other sharp objects away from your mold plate to avoid getting it damages. Allow the mold plates to cool before rinsing with cold water to prevent cracks from forming.

You can start baking or crafting your favorite poop emoji baked products today! Simply fill the mold cavities with chocolate or craft material – but, we do recommend using different mold plates. Enjoy!



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