“Kiss the Cook” Emoji Kitchen Apron


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The unique “Kiss the Cook” Emoji Kitchen Apron is 100% cotton and will give you a wonderful experience wearing it for the family. The emoji kitchen apron is very affordable, and one size fits most of the people. The cloth measures 28″ wide and 35″ long. The fabric comes with halter neck straps and adjustable ties at the waist.

The color of the “Kiss the Cook” kitchen apron is yellow, which gives it an attractive and simple look. In the front, there is a playful emoji face print, which adds to the design aspect. The cloth has white pockets in front also a “kiss the cook” text written.

Make your cooking experience fun of smiles with the “Kiss the cook emoji.” The kitchen apron will serve you well with better affordability and attractiveness. With a simple outlook, the cloth has something unique and interesting. The product is available is considered cheap compared to the high quality design and lengthy usage of time. The sleeveless design is just wonderful and appropriate for cooking needs. You can make your cooking enjoyable and easy with this wonderful product.



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