Blowing a Kiss Emoji Baking Cup Set – 50 Pack


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Kiss Emoji Baking Cup set is a beautiful baking cup from a well-known brand. As the name suggests, it has kiss emojis that make it superior to other simple baking cups. The standard size of this Fox Run baking cup is approximately 3 x 3 x 1.25 inches. These fluted baking cups can fulfill any baking needs anywhere. One can easily fill these cupcakes with different kinds of cake or a semi-liquid mixture of egg, milk, water, and flour.

Many people consider food-safe printing extremely serious, but you can use this emoji baking cup comfortably as they are food-safe printed.

The pack of these emoji designed cupcakes is available in white color that is suitable for any party theme. Such an attractive design with kiss emoji themed liners can further add to the style of your party. Using them at different parties or social gatherings is an adequate option as the party attendees can effortlessly dispose of them after eating the tasty dessert. So, these cute disposable smile emoji designed baking cups can fit well with any celebration theme.



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