Emoji Pancake Pan


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Combine your love of emojis and pancakes with this new and innovative kitchen gadget, you can now get your pancakes to join in on the fun of emojis. The perfect way to add a smile to your mornings is the Emoji pancakeΒ pan.

If you can express yourself all day long using emojis, why not let your pancakes do the same. The Emoji pancake pan comes with an array of 7 different fun faces. Β Now kids and other members of the household can choose the pancake that best suits their current mood and vibes they feel on that particular day. Did we mention these pancakes turn out to be just as great to eat as tempting as they look?

This pan is made of durable Teflon, designed to last you for years. The pan also possesses a heat reflective exterior that ensures uniform browning of all surfaces. The combination of emojis and pancakes are just what you need to make your mornings a little better. Perfect with a dollop of cream or a splash of maple syrup, these emoji shaped pancakes show how spontaneous of a person you are when it comes to experimentation in the kitchen. Grab yours here!



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