Emoji Cupcake Rings, 24 Count


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Do you wish to take your cupcake making experience to the next level? Then Emoji Cupcake Rings will be the best option available for your purchase. Wile using these cupcake rings, you will be able to end up with creating unique looking cupcakes, which resemble emojis. You can get a total number of 24 cupcake rings along with your purchase. Hence, you can prepare cupcakes for any large gathering with these.

The emoji looking cupcake rings would look perfect when they are placed on any cupcake. You will be able to prepare good looking cupcakes and impress guests who come to your home with the help of these rings. Or else, it is possible for you to treat your kids with these good looking cupcake rings. These emoji cupcake rings are ideal when you are preparing full-sized cupcakes. In fact, the cupcake rings are large enough to cover up the top part of the cupcake. The wmoji designed cupcake rings look cute, and you have all the freedom to use them for any given purpose.



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