Emoji Baking Tray


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Emoji themed cakes and cookies will give you a real creative edge and add that spark of innovativeness to your baked goods. Carving out the emoji expressions on the cakes might, however, prove to be a problem, but Emoji Galore has solved that problem for you with an emoji baking tray!

The emoji baking tray has already been specially designed for you and all the emoji faces have been carved out for you. Emoji face expressions on the baking tray include the wink emoji, the kiss-blowing emoji, the angel and devil emoji, the LOL, smirk and grin emoji, two tongue out emoji, the blush emoji, the relief (sigh) emoji and some sad and happy emoji. All you have to do is prepare your batter, same as normal cakes, pour it into the tray, and pop it in the oven. It’s the perfect tool when it comes to your mini cupcakes.

Once your cupcakes are ready, it’s time to design them so they’ll look as “emoji-tastic” as possible. You need black, red and white frosting. Fill in the heart spaces with red, teeth spaces with white, the lines for the eyes and mouth and other outlines with black. You can also use red for the tongue spaces, or fill them with pink. And that’s it! Your delicious and creative emoji cupcakes are ready for your parties, get-togethers and even just as snacks for the weekend.



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