Unicorn Emoji Pillow – 13″ in


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The unicorn pillow emoji cover is made from high quality cotton-polyester composite cloth that ensures long life. The unicorn throw pillow is stitched with precision machines that use a special strong thread so that the seams of the construction do not give way. The pillow is shaped like a unicorn with the unicorn printed on it. With the rainbow mane, the pink face, and the white body, the unicorn is a perfect gift for any child who has just started in his own room.

The printing on the pillow is not the average traditional printing. It is done with a specialized fabric dye that penetrates the fibers of the cloth and makes the print a part of the cloth. The color will never fade in any case, and the dye will have a life, the same as the unicorn emoji pillow.

The Unicorn Emoji Pillow does not only look great, but it feels that way too. The pillow is filled with polyester and other synthetic materials. The filling is done with an accurate balance. It is the correct amount of filling that prevents the pillow from being too hard while retaining its shape over time.

The unicorn emoji pillow is a great buy because:

  • It is made of durable and sturdy materials.
  • It is comfortable and has a long life.
  • It can be washed multiple times, and the printing would not fade.
  • No birds are harmed in the process of making the pillow as it uses synthetic filling.
  • The seams of this emoji unicorn pillow won’t give in, no matter how and how long you use it.


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